Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response with Direct Line

Red-CrossDirect Line’s work with the American Red Cross Bay Area (ARCBA) began in the nick of time. Just 6 days into our call center services contract with them, disaster struck at SFO with the Asiana plane crash. The Direct Line team was hard at work, handling increased call volume and adjusting to meet the ARCBA’s needs. We excelled at responding to these challenges, and our partnership helped the ARCBA keep a high standard of service to their clients.

Director of Disaster Services Steven Hancock was impressed with our work: “The Direct Line team went above and beyond service delivery expectations, answering a heightened call volume, adjusting call scripts as needed and taking nonstandard directions on where to direct calls. All of this was done in a professional manner, providing callers excellent customer service.”

There is no more crucial time for preparedness than during a disaster. Direct Line is equipped to provide answering services in any emergency situation. We have a total disaster preparedness plan to keep communication running. Trust Direct Line with your emergency response answering services. Call us today: 1-888-365-2424.

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