Ken Goldenberg Wins the 2012 Allen Kalik Award

Article from Connections Magazine (

Last month, during the PINetwork’s Annual Conference, Ken Goldenberg, vice president of Direct Line TeleResponse in Berkeley, California, was presented with the Allen Kalik Award. Charlie Crown of Towne Answering Service made the presentation.

The Allen Kalik award was implemented in 2011 after the passing of Professional Teledata president Allen Kalik. Honoring Allen for his contributions to the telecommunications industry and the PINetwork Group, this award recognizes individuals whose unselfish dedication and leadership have led to the advancement of the PINetwork Group.

“Ken Goldenberg couldn’t be more of a perfect fit for this award”, said president Pat Kalik. “I know Allen would be proud.”
Ken has been in the industry for eighteen years. Although he learned many things from his parents, Ruth and Larry, being an active part of various associations has enabled him to learn so much more. Taglines created by his father, such as “Learning by Association” and “Building Our Future Together,” have instilled the type of sharing, leadership attitude, and unselfish dedication that make Ken the perfect recipient.

Direct Line TeleResponse is proud of Ken, and his leadership and effect across the nation, as well as for his dedication to our customers here at Direct Line TeleResponse.

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