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Award Winning Excellence – Our history of award winning answering services is primarily due to our commitment to excellence in everything we do, every message we deliver, every call we take because EVERY CALL COUNTS.   Since 1979, our reputation has been built upon the quality of work we deliver. Our strong attention to detail during every stage of the messaging process sets the stage for excellence. Read More…

Answering & Call Center Services

Direct Line Tele Response is a multiple award-winning Answering Service and Call Center. We are known throughout the United States and Canada as being one of the leading pioneers within the Answering Service industry and have been since 1979. Why? Because we hold ourselves accountable for detailed excellence for every call, every time because “every call counts”.

“You are the best answering service I have EVER dealt with!  With other answering services, I usually have to repeat myself 3-4 times to get my message across.  You should work full time for American Services with those kind of skills!”

Bill D.- Solar Company Owner

July 28, 2016

“It has been such a relief knowing you have our backs 24/7! I hope you know you are not only helping a business, but real people with real lives.  You have given me peace of mind and much joy in my personal and work life.  Thank you.”

Evan C. IT professional

“You have the BEST agents! Kaye is the greatest.  She is short and succinct. You are the BEST answering service.  Thank you for always treating me with care when I call.

Sharon S.- Property Manager for the largest Affordable Housing Property Management company in the state of California.

“Your support, follow-up, professionalism and teamwork are SECOND TO NONE!  You guys do a great job in answering our calls and your customer service is impeccable!  Please keep up the great work.”

Pastor James B.-Faculty Member of a large University

“I have had NOTHING but wonderful customer service experiences with everyone that I have talked to at Direct Line.  Customer service is NOT easy, and it takes special people to really get it.”

Kimmie M.  Project Manager for a large HVAC Contractor

“I use Direct Line for 12 years as the President of OSS International.  I am with a new company now and highly recommend Direct Line.  You guys are excellent and assisted me in the growth of my previous company.  I look forward to partnering with DL again.”

Glenn D-Former President of OSS International

“I have been very pleased with your service!  The fact that you can answer in Spanish is even more than great.  It’s awesome.  I really love it.  I say to myself, why didn’t I call you guys sooner?  Anyway, thank you!

Tamiko M.- Attorney

“I want to express my wholehearted admiration and thanks to you and the rest of the Direct line Team.  You are a FANTASTIC partner for all of us here at the American Red Cross- reliable, responsive and professional!”

Michael H. -Executive, The American Red Cross

“It’s amazing to me when I reflect upon the amazing work our volunteers do every day to  help people and how none of that would be possible without Direct Line.  Thank you for everything you do to support The American Red Cross.”

Alex R.-The American Red Cross, Los Angeles Chapter

“I placed an order several weeks ago and the woman taking my order was so good that I went out of my way to tell her supervisor about my great customer service experience.  I am telling you about it again!!!.  You all are so friendly and professional.  Bullock and Jones has great agents.”

Bernard K.-Customer

” I called this number accidentally.  Even though it was a wrong number, I asked Tami to explain to me what the company does.  I had never heard of Reputation.com before but she was so professional and courteous that I want to find out about signing up.”

Johna H.

“I would like to give super kudos to all the great people at Direct Line for being so professional, polite, good-humored and super helpful.  A power outage for a property manager is always a tough situation.  You made my life a lot easier and I am very grateful.”

Donna B.-Property Manager

“You guys are just so wonderful!  I think you should do a client satisfaction survey because I would just rant and rave about how great your service is.  Thank you for always being there when we need you!”

Samuel A.-Large nationwide roofing and solar company

” I just wanted to call and apologize to the call agent I spoke with on Monday.  I was very rude to her and she was SO PROFESSIONAL to me.  Please let her know I am sorry and that she did a great job!”

Anonymous-Property Manager for a large Property Management Firm

“We are so pleased that you were able to help us with the expansion of the PACE program.  We were not sure how it would all work at first and we’re so thankful that it all worked out.  It’s been great.  Direct Line has been a lifeline for CEI.”

Dianna G. and Lenore M.-Center for Elder’s Independence (CEI)

“You are very nice.  You took the message the right way and the means you know what business is like.  Most people don’t.  You have done the perfect job so the message will arrive there exactly the way I need it to.  It’s a responsible way to do things.  Very nice! I’m happy with you.”

Dr. Pritam S.  Medical professional with UCSF

 Dear Direct Line Operators,

I just want you to know that a client of mine (over 15 years) has made a point of telling me that my answering service is a pleasure to deal with.  She told me that every time she calls,  you all are courteous and efficient in gathering an accurate message to me.  She said you are “wonderful”.  I think you are as well.

Thank you for making my office look so well!

Liz A.-Owner Fiduciary Services Firm- (Direct Line Client for over 15 years)

“We couldn’t be happier with your service!  We have both tested it on several occasions and have found everything to be PERFECT!  We have also received 200% more leads in the past week, which we don’t believe is a coincidence.”

Kristen B.-Owner of a home technology firm

“I want to share the GREAT feedback I just received from one of my clients…’I would like to compliment the lady who took my order this morning.  She was very professional and helpful-I appreciate that.’  Keep up the great work!”

Byron L.-High Volume, upscale e-commerce retail owner

“You’re a smart lady and a very obvious excellent person for the corporation and I am very impressed by you.  I am looking forward to moving ahead and I will bring about 50 more people to your business!”

Dr. James W. -Client of a Nationwide Solor Roofing Firm

“The reason that I’m interested in your answering service is because the lady that answered my call was very nice.  I called my current answering service the other night and wasn’t impressed at all.”

John C.-Owner of a Restoration company

“I really think that your service is top-notch and we’ve benefitted from having you take our off-day and evening calls.  And I want to continue the relationship as our business grows.  Your operators are wonderful and they are doing such a good job.”

Earl F.-General Manager of a major hotel chain.

“Your service is working great!  I regret not doing it so much sooner.  Never did I realize how many calls go right to voicemail.  I am super excited!! Thanks again.  I love your service and I am already telling my other contractor friends.”

Manny J. -Plumbing Professional

“Mrs. Houston was very happy with how Colin helped her with her order this past weekend!  She said he was very helpful and patient and she appreciated it very much!  Please send our thanks to Colin as well for his great customer service!”

Ruth A.-Owner of a high volume E-Commerce/Catalog Company

“My website guy has been bugging me for years to hire an answering service because I answer all of the calls myself.  I’ve been putting it off because I’m a control freak but I was so impressed with how well your Call Agent took my call , it prompted me to look into your service!”

Dr. Thomas L. -Medical Professional

“Please advise the operator of these words of praise for her great job!”  “I am impressed with the standard of excellence in customer service demonstrated in every conversation.  True professionalism cannot be faked and it is valued.”

Ruth A-Catalog Company Owner

“We are very satisfied with the service we receive from Direct Line.  We have over 500 employees and roughly 100-250 support calls that flow through our system each week.  Both of our Sales and Technical teams have been extremely satisfied with the support you give us.”

David A.-Silicon Valley Information Technology Firm

“Thank Donna for her EXTREMELY nice handling of this call!! We appreciate knowing someone as skillful and polished as Donna is helping us with these much more difficult calls to our Order Line.  She’s GREAT! Thanks again!”

Ruth A.-Ecommerce Business Owner

“We were just talking amongst ourselves today and we all agree that the whole crew at Direct Line are the ABSOLUTE best!!  We’ve had many answering services since we started the company and you guys outshine them all by far!”

Teri B.-Owner of a security company

“I’ve been going through a battle with cancer and it is the scariest thing.  I have to say that everyone I’ve worked with in the office  and even you all on the phones have given me hope and made it easy to get through this. You are all wonderful and have good hearts!

Anonymous Caller

” You are the best answering service I have ever come in contact with.  The best answering service cannot compare to you!  You can accomplish more in one hour than anyone else can in a year.  You have the best employees.  I feel joyous talking to you.”

Sharon K.-Property Manager

“Not only does our internal staff of physicians think that you are great, we were just audited the other day and they called our After Hours service and thought that Direct Line did a wonderful job!”

Renata F.-Director of HealthCare Services

“We were using multiple answering services but we all like Direct Line the best.  That’s why we now have eight (8) of our clinics calls going to you.  You’ve been doing a great job of screening calls for us.”

Dr. Porshia M.-Medical Professional

“You guys did some great work 15 minutes ago.  Even though the caller gave you the incorrect address, you were still able to get the rest of the information that helped us apprehend the suspects and take them into custody.  KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!”

Captain H.-Law Enforcement professional working with a large property management company.

“Just wanted to call and thank Imani since she spoke with me yesterday & handled an issue that I was having very professionally.  I wanted to thank her personally.  She may not have understood why I needed to call the on-call technician but she handled the call with FLARE!!”

Patrice-Major Property Management Company

“We sincerely value and appreciate the proficiency and professionalism that the Direct Line staff displays at all times.  We consider Direct Line to be a very important asset to the RECO team!  Alexis is amazing!!”

Angela K.-Major Electric Company

“I just spoke to Paulette.  She has an incredible way of making you feel like you’re a friend of the family.  She answered, ‘Thank you for calling, what can I do to serve you?’  It was so welcoming.  I was taken off guard in a positive way.  She was extraordinary!”

David E. -High end Catalog Order Entry/E-Commerce

” I know I say this every time, but you all do such a great job!!!  I have been a client for about 15 years and I am still so impressed.  My clients always tell me just how great my “secretary” is.  They have no idea it’s my answering service.  Thank you ALL!!

Aaron S.-Roofing

“You have been great and the service provided by Direct Line is fantastic!  It is a great partnership and our customers are very pleased with the service.  Thanks for all of your efforts and understanding through all the recent changes and updates.”

Baptiste D.-Technology

“I own my own business and just talking to you on the phone, you are amazing! I wish I had staff like you! You’re doing a great job. You are friendly, bubbly, and however you do it , you sound really good.  I just wanted to compliment you.”

Laurie M. Real Estate Professional

“I was speaking with Marshalla and I just want to let her know that I appreciate the help.  This goes to all of you there!  I got a call back minutes later and my problem was resolved.  Keep up the good work-it is making a difference!”

Andrew G.

“I want to compliment the agent Marie who took a message earlier.  She spoke very clearly, not too fast and not too slow.  She got all the information from the client.  It was pretty good, I have to say! I appreciate what she did, it was very nice.”

Fan-Medical Office

“It’s already working out beautifully!!!!  Thanks for your expertise, we are getting thru calls faster with the additional info (referring to the addition of “best time to reach” and “preferred appointment dates” to their custom scripted solutions).”

Alice W. MD

Synergy Corporate Housing has been a very satisfied client of Direct Line for nearly five years. I first learned of Direct Line when calling one of our own vendors and was so impressed with the operator who answered that I asked whom I could call the next day to learn more about them.

We’d wanted to take our company’s after hour’s services to the next level by offering live, warm, friendly and efficient service. Direct Line has been that solution. We are in the hospitality business and unparalleled customer service is paramount; in emergency situations which require escalation it is an absolute necessity. We rely on Direct Line to represent us and take care of our guests. We have been pleased with Direct Line’s service to the point that I now refer them to others myself!

Joanne Lucila, Director of Property Management Operations


“Yes, we are thrilled to be working with you. Our overnight/afterhours service business has QUADRUPLED. We have more calls in a week than we would normally have in a month.  This tells me that customers are happier with the answering service, and that our old answering service wasn’t answering the phones!!! Talk about asleep at the switch… don’t even want to know what that’s cost us in missed calls over the years. Anyway, yes go ahead and up the plan. The increase in business will more than pay for it.”

 Cameron T. Silva, Controller


Specimen Specialists of America, Inc.

We were thrilled to have been awarded a large contract with a major Southern California government agency. It would require 24/7 coverage and the ability to coordinate real time activity in 26 different geographical areas.

We realized the only way to do this in a cost effective manner was to obtain the services of a 24/7 Answering Service / Call Center. We obtained the services of a Call Center, had everything all set up (or so we thought) and we kicked off the project on a given weekend. It was almost a total disaster. The Call Center just was not equipped to handle the volume or complexity of calls.

We needed to work fast. We quickly located another Call Center, met with them on that Tuesday, explained our needs and felt much more confident that this Call Center – Direct Line Tele Response could handle the responsibility – but we would have to wait and see. Direct Line and their IT Director, John Freire worked quickly, efficiently and professionally to get the account programmed in a timely manner. At the same time Constance Massinga, Direct Line’s Training Manager was getting the Agents trained and up to speed. By the following weekend we were ready to switch; time was really of the essence.

We switched on a Thursday and everything worked beautifully, not perfectly but, very well. Direct Line has also worked tirelessly to make corrections and adjustments and they continued to do that as the project moved along. We have been a client of Direct Line for over a year and we cannot say enough good things about Direct Line and their professional staff, sophisticated technical systems (they were able to develop some reporting capabilities that proved invaluable to us) and everyone’s “can do” attitude. I would highly recommend Direct Line to others.

Annette Filice, Vice President


“THANK YOU and your staff for excellent service. We would like your team to know that we appreciate Direct Line’s contribution to Cognistat. Today, after speaking with your web master (IT department) regarding our script, the feeling of being well served was reinforced.”

Name: Gina M.
Date: 01/14/2014
Company Type: Medical Software

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you and your team do for us. It makes me feel good knowing your operators are taking care of our customers when we cannot, and your initiative, promptness and eye for detail have helped us out so many times this past year. Thank you!”

Name: Ruth B.
Date: 12/27/2013
Company Type: Clothing Sales

We love the great feedback we get from our customers every day, and are very proud of our staff for exceeding expectations, and making our customers happy!

The Association of Teleservices International (ATSI) has recertified and awarded our company, Direct Line Tele Response, as a Gold 24/7 Call Center for a second time.  The Gold 24/7 Call Center Certification Award makes known that our company continues to exceed high standards in the areas of business practices, life safety, and operations ( including normal and emergency procedures, personnel hiring, training and ongoing evaluations through a peer review program focusing on 99.9% annual run time).

 We at Direct Line are very proud of our staff here in Berkeley, California and are appreciative to be acknowledged for our efforts by this industry confirmation of excellence.  Our company philosophy for the past 33 years has been to provide the best possible service and that is reflected in our client satisfaction as well as by our awards, including 11 continuous years of the ATSI award of Excellence. Excellence doesn’t ‘just happen’, it is a consistent effort by our entire staff to provide a product we can all be proud of.

Direct Line Tele Response based in Berkeley, CA established in 1979 to provide quality tele-messaging services in the San Francisco bay area and has since expanded to serve clients in every corner of the United States.  For more information visit www.DirectLineInc.com

ATSI, based in Reston, VA, is an international trade association established by and for entrepreneurs in the TeleServices business. This includes telephone answering services, voice-mail services, telemarketing services and any other business, which provides enhanced communication services. www.atsi.org

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Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, our team of 100% U.S. based, professionally certified Call Agents are ready 24/7/365 to answer your phones regardless of business type, profession or industry. We don’t just answer your calls or take messages; we accurately gather information and act as a conduit for communication between you and your callers.  We’re an extension of your staff, your mission and your brand.  You can rest easy knowing you’ll never miss another call, especially when you’re not available.  Bottom line, it’s Direct Line…Your Voice of Excellence.

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