How A Live Answering Service Supports Lawyers and Legal Professionals

Lawyers have a lot of potential clients who require legal advice or are in trouble with the law. The truth is, the window for securing their interests is often small. In times like these, clients turn to you as a legal expert to get advised on complex issues.

Having a 24-hour live answering service is one of the best ways to increase client satisfaction, answer all calls as well as gathering details for new client intake.

If you are a lawyer or a legal professional, you need to focus on availability and create a communication channel for your existing and potential new clients. A bay area legal answering service that works around the clock is the best solution for acquiring and retaining your clients.

Human Interaction: The Recipe for More Customers

Hiring an in-house receptionist is one-way lawyers and legal firms take care of their clients. However, in the long run, this is costly and does not include a reach that is available 24/7 or during weekends and holidays.

When compared to a legal answering service, this decision falls short and is underpowered in many ways. Lawyers who want to gain popularity by being available to their clients at all times, should set up a process that makes for a responsive and professional first impression that provides immediate assistance to all of their clients.

This is where a legal answering service saves the day and offers a customized method of gathering details for any legal intake call and can assist callers when you aren’t available. Even if you are not on the phone, you can foster human interaction and have your clients describe their issue, injuries, name, date, locality and other details to a team of professionally certified call agents and live virtual receptionists.

A Personal Approach with High Industry Expertise for Law Firms

One of the things that every client who has a legal issue needs, is a personalized approach and there are many details associated with this.

First of all is the ability to receive calls any time of day or night — something that comes as standard in a 24/7 law firm answering service. With live customer support around the clock, every potential client can speak to your team of live virtual receptionists directly, whether it’s the middle of a working day or late at night during weekends.

If your practice is located in an area where potential clients speak English as a second language, having bilingual virtual receptionists is something that comes as a bonus. At Direct Line, we have a bilingual team that is always ready to provide assistance in Spanish.

Customized Answering Solutions for Your Client Needs

Did you know that close to 85% of callers don’t leave voicemail messages? In the legal sector, this percent may be even higher.

Having a partner who can determine how to proceed with each call is crucial for continuous communication. At Direct Line, we take pride in working with numerous legal professionals and law firms — assisting them with fostering communication with new or existing clients. We can create the solution you need for your legal team and customize it to your requirements.

Let’s Talk About Your Legal Answering Needs

As you probably know by now, one new client could be worth ten more. If you’re ready to make a change in your law practice, now is the time to contact our professional team about your legal answering needs.

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