COVID-19 Vaccination Hotlines

If you are trying to set up a COVID-19 vaccine hotline for your medical office or Healthcare facility, you are on the right page. At Direct Line, we’re here to support your administrative staff with a vaccine scheduling process.

Nationwide, there is a high percentage of senior citizens and individuals with disabilities that are requesting pre-registration for their vaccines. Instead of scheduling appointments online, our vaccination hotline allows people to call and inform your office they need an appointment. It’s important to note that all of our professional call agents are certified with HIPAA compliant call answering.

A Vaccination Hotline That Helps You Handle All Calls

The vaccination process against COVID-19 is probably one of the biggest tasks that public health care workers have had in history. We all know that time is pressing right now, and call answering process needs to be as efficient as possible.

Now that the COVID-19 vaccination process has been initiated in the U.S, the top priority for vaccination starts with assisted living and long-term care patients, staff, and frontline healthcare workers. Direct Line can easily assist medical offices and healthcare facilities by offering a custom vaccine hotline service. This service assists with appointment requests and other custom information you may require.
We have been working hard to support many medical professionals and the public, and people who need to request appointment. Thanks to our experienced staff, we can help individuals navigate the vaccine pre-registration process on behalf of your office.

 We are fully aware that most people find that talking to a live person is a more comfortable option than filling out online forms and figuring out what they have to do next. This is where our vaccine hotlines service can assist.

Request an Appointment & Get Personalized Assistance

Our call center is available 24/7/365 to assist with vaccine pre-registration, appointment requests, call overflow, and even after-hours support. Individuals can call a dedicated phone number and be assisted by professional telephone answering agents who provide a comforting voice and guide callers through your process.

The vaccination hotline services that we provide can accommodate any call volume level and ensure an excellent caller experience every time and for every call. Aside from assisting people who want more information about your vaccination process and how they can request an appointment, our logic-based telephony platform allows us to obtain and organize important information such as eligibility, locations where they can receive the vaccine, as well as general questions concerning the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine.

If you require setting up a COVID-19 vaccination information hotline where people can pre-register over the phone and get more information, call today — 888-365-2424.

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