“We have utilized Direct Line for, I believe, 3-5 years now.  Time is flying and I’m blonde! I can’t imagine our business operations existed without you. I have zero complaints and that is a huge compliment to you, your company and staff. My husband and I own one of the largest Farmers Insurance Agencies in the US. and we are consistently in the top 10 out of 14,000 agents. Weare licensed in 25 states insuring high net worth clients who expect a higher level of technology. 

We are proud to say we don’t have voicemail; you will always get a live person. Just like a doctor’s office, you can use our after-hours line. Don’t call our 800 number, we want to personally take care of you! 

Week over week, our office receives calls at night and on the weekends asking for quotes. If we did not have Direct Line, I’m sure a lot of these potential new clients would simply hang up and call the next insurance agent. These new prospects are called back within minutes from one of my team . . . hence producing additional revenue, which in turn more than pays for your services. Your service cost is affordable and we appreciate that. I have NEVER had a client complain stating, the hold time was too long, or they weren’t nice to me.  Thank you for being there to help us.  Our agency loves Direct Line and will be a continued client until we retire.” 

Devecia V.

Farmer’s Insurance Agency Owner

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